What does TFP mean?

TFP something that I had no idea what it was when I first started doing photography but quickly learnt. TFP means Time For Prints, the basic run down for this means the photographer and models time for a copy of the prints. So there is no money exchanging hands but the model and the photographer get to do the shoot gaining experience and photos that they can use to advertise them selves with afterwards in there folios. It’s a great way to build port folios as photographers and models who are just starting out or changing their field without the expense. Doing this gives them valuable experience for when they do get paid by clients for their photos.

TFP is something that I think everyone starting in the photography business from models, makeup artists, set directors, photographers and stylists should know what it means. All these people at some point would have done a shoot with these terms. It seems to be par for the course but if they have been fortunate enough to get paid from point dot for there work in this business then that is also great. Most of us will have to start out doing a few of these shoots in different areas to learn the business and what its it about. It is great way to see if you are interested in going down this path before hiring all these people at your expense at the hope you make money by selling them. If you have friend in one of more these fields that’s willing to help you out is also a bonus as you can do photo shoots when its more convenient for all in regards to time and place. Now to lining up shoots at locations and finding the people you need. There is many websites that advertise as auditions for all these positions that you can apply to the individual job or post an add for what you are after. Technology age certainly helps us out in this regard. So good luck and remember its all about photo’s, photo’s and photo’s.

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