The Wiggles (Rock and Roll Pre – School Tour) 23/4/15

As we waited in the theatre for the wiggles to start we were some what apprehensive about what it was going to be like. We had seen the wiggles with our older son when he was younger and as many are aware the line up has changed. When we previously sore them it was Sam, Geoff, Murray and Anthony. Now it consists of Anthony, Emma, Lachlan and Simon. However this experience was different and in a lot of ways better, due to it being in a small theatre in Dandenong versus a packed out Rod Laver Arena. Although the atmosphere was electric at both concerts it seems the wiggles were more responsive to the smaller crowd, they seemed more humble. Of course when they walk through the crowd it means they say hi to almost everyone due to it being in a smaller venue. This made them more human this time not rock gods for kids that they had previously become.

I do have to make mention of Lachlan’s Faux Pas. During a song where they were reading out names that were on the gifts they had been given by the audience he just couldn’t get the names right and it through him for a six and he swore, it was very funny and taken in good jest by all the parents. Thankfully the kids didn’t understand what was said, thus making them even more human. It was an interesting concert for us as they did some of there old songs and some new ones. They didn’t seem as comfortable singing the older songs. Overall I have to say it was a great concert, more intimate and one that my little one will remember.

The Wiggles 23/4/15

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