The countdown is on

The countdown is on for Supanova Expo Melbourne 10 – 12th of April, 2015 and Oz Comic Con Adelaide, 18 – 19th of April, 2015. I know, I know they both sound, for the lack of a better term geeky but they actually aren’t. As someone who attends these expos / conventions every year and travels interstate to attend these things taking my family with me, I can ensure you they are far from it. Don’t get me wrong yes there is a lot of people there that would be considered geeky but these events are far more than that. It is a fabulous way getting up close and personal with a select amount of stars, artists and authors. You are able to pick up those unusual gifts that you can’t get in the conventional stores. There is something for everyone at any age. Whether you have been before or thinking of coming for the first time I promise you will have an amazing time.

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