Textures are a part of art / photography that when portrayed properly make you want to reach out and touch it. This rings true even in a 2d pieces / images, but when done incorrectly can change an artwork / image into a bad one. This is because it distracts the viewer from the piece and doesn’t allow you to enjoy the piece as a whole. This is because you will keep going back to where the problem is. There is a few ways to combat this especially in photography. You don’t have to show the whole subject to show the texture. There is the option of zooming right into a small piece of it, this enhancing the texture. There is also the angle in which you take the image. Don’t be shy to move around the object, where you can obviously. That way it allows you take images from different parts of the object giving you a better range to portray the texture. The more variety in the shots that you have means the more chances you will have the right texture piece / shot you are after.

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