Supanova 2015

Thought I had posted this but apparently not it was in my drafts box. Day one: Absolutely fabulous day, the people were great and the atmosphere was electric. The only disappointment was the lines for photos and the disorganisation of ques to pick up photo’s. Putting all that aside it was an amazing day for all. There was a lot of people dressed up which was nice to see. Of course meeting James Masters and Charisma Carpenter certainly help relieve the disappointment of the length of the lines. If your not having photos or autographs then the lines really aren’t an issue. Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow when we meet Christopher Lloyd.

Day two: was a much better day in regards to the queues for getting photo’s, autographs and picking them up. There was still a buzz in the air from the crowd even though it was much smaller than yesterday but definitely still worth being there. We had a lot of fun but as you could imagine we are tired after attending supanova for 3 days and the James Marsters In concert last night. So much fun, now we start planning and saving  for the next one.

Supanova Melbourne 2015

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