Brain (Gelatin / Glycerin)

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This gelatin skin brain prop / prosthetic is fantastic for all your spooky needs. Use as a interactive display or or prosthetic for that SFX make up look you are going for. It can be used as it's full size or cut down to make it smaller. If it is cut down to make it smaller the left over pieces can be heated in the microwave or on the stove to top and used for the special effects make up you need. Its one size that we create and send. Its 810g in weight. It is heat reactive which means if gets too warm it does melt.

All our gelatin skin products have a shelf life due to them being made out of food products. They should be stored in a air tight container and not in direct sunlight to preserve its life. Every month its recommended to heat the product as if you were going to use it that way it extends the shelf life.

Its an SFX makeup or decoration and an alternative to latex. Create those horror make up looks that you have always wanted to using this product. Its a natural product using 3 ingredients. Gentle on skin and good for those with allergies.

100% Australian Made

100% Food Grade

100% Latex free

Blood is not included,

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