Self Promotion

Self promotion of any kind isn’t easy and trying to sell your art can be even harder. This is because you may like your work but it doesn’t mean others are going to like it. If they do like it that doesn’t mean that they will want to purchase your work. You have to remember not everyone is going to like it so toughen up the outside skin you have as you going to need it. With praise comes rejection and with rejection comes praise. They go hand in hand and are a way of keeping us grounded as people and artists. The best way to self promote and sell your work is have a plan and a sales pitch ready to go. This way you will make the most of your time and sell / promote your work effectively. When promoting your art you are also promoting yourself as an artist. This is a good thing as you want to sell more of your work. Try to come up with creative ways to promote your stuff that way people will remember you which is what you want. Remember no one knows your work better than you so be confident in yourself and your work.

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