Product Photography

This is something I swore I would never get into in regards to photography. Product photography is amazing at showcasing products for clients that are wanting to highlight what they have. Lets face it we have all been taken in by product photography as it has made something into a must have for us to purchase. We as consumers have all fallen into the trap of being sold something because it was made to look good. Ultimately that’s the purpose of product photography to show and item and make it desirable for consumers. I have recently dived into the world of product photography and I have to say my favourite background is white. There is something about the crisp white surrounding the product that makes it pop. It allows the product to sell itself with no distractions, showing the product in its entirety for what it is and how awesome it is. At the end of the day that’s what you are trying to achieve. Here is a couple of examples of my favourite background product photography:


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