Posed or Candid?

Posed or candid, now that is the question? With portrait photography there has always been this misconception that our subject matter must be posed and that’s the best way to capture the subject. I think this stems from portrait painting because people were always in posed positions, as you weren’t able to capture the subject moving. Where photography has really opened the doors for capturing people and animals in candid shots. We have seen this emerge more and more in the last few years. We no longer want the stuffy tired techniques we want to see our family and friends in real time. It lets us relive our moments in life and makes those memories visible and gives us something to keep and show others. For me as a multi discipline artist I can see the benefits of both and like both. I like seeing photos of my kids in mid play capturing what there life is all about and I like having them still in that quiet moment giving me that look. That mum do I have to look, when they don’t want to. Although I like both, I end up doing more candid shots of my kids than anything that way I have captured them doing what they do best, being kids.

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