Photographing events

Photographing events can be a tricky a thing to master. Firstly you are busy the entire time because there is always someone or something to photograph. Keeping on top of who or what you have photographed is essential. The last thing you want is 10 photos of one person doing the same thing and none of another guests/people. Secondly depending on what you are photographing determines what you bring in your camera bag and exactly what settings you will use everything in. This is also because of lighting issues that occur, as every event has different types of lighting. Thirdly the type of event is something you should know to try and come up with ideas and be prepared for before taking the photos. For example Photographing a concert is going to be different to photographing a wedding. The type of photo’s you take and what shots you are after or what the customer wants are very different things. At a wedding you will be taking photo’s of the guests, single and group shots, the table decorations, the bridal party, and the cake. Where if you were at a concert you wouldn’t be taking many photos of the crowd especially single close up shots, you would be however trying take unique photos of the band at different angles.                                                                                          There are many different events to photograph some of these include: Birthday’s, Wedding’s, Conventions, Parties, concerts. For me I love to photograph everything but conventions are my favourite as people are unpredictable and depending on the convention you can get some amazing shots of people doing some extraordinary things. What ever its you are photographing remember that being prepared is the key.

Armageddon Expo 2014

Inside the brick 2014

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