Photographing Children

Photographing children can be a frustrating exercise futility. As a mother I know trying to get a child to sit still and do anything can be a tall ask especially toddlers. So this gives me an edge when it comes to being a photographer. I like to think there is a few do’s and a few don’ts before assuming the child will sit and do what you need to get that great shot.  Don’t be in there face with the camera and flash they don’t like it. Talk to them not down to them. Give them space to play and laugh this will give you those action shots capturing that moment giving you fantastic photos. If they are happy to pose great but you have to be careful the photos don’t look fake and unnatural. At the end of the day you want to give the parents photos that they are happy with. Natural unforced photos during play will give exceptional shots that capture the essence and innocence of the child. Try not to be scared or nervous as children can smell fear and if they do they will eat you alive. Ultimately make it fun and about them there is nothing more a child wants than to be the centre of attention and doing what they do best playing. Please remember to be patient because kids are on the go and getting those perfect shots can be difficult with a lot of luck and timing you will get what you are after.

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