More than an Artist

For so many of us we are defined as a person by that one thing we do. The problem is like many people I do many things but I am not known for those other things in my life that I do on a regular bases. I find this frustrating as for in my personal life for a long time I was known as an artist, then as a wife, then I had kids and from that point on I was known as a mum. Not to distract from my role as a mum but what happened to those other previous titles. Those things haven’t changed I am still an artist and a wife.                                 Although I have to look at the flip side to this because when it comes to social media and work life I am known as just an artist. Its like having 2 completely different lives. For this it still applies I am still a wife and mother. You know what I am all 3, a wife, a mother and an artist. I am not just one of these things I am all 3. Yet I know in society we all get categorised and put into a section based on that one thing we do. I pose this Why can’t I be all three? Why do I have to be defined by one thing? So with that I have added 3 pictures that define my main 3 roles in life, Wife, Mother and Artist. Artist well in this case photographer as I took the photo’s.

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