Mister Maker Live Melbourne 2015

Mister Maker live show was amazing, it was the best kids show my family has seen live. From start to finish the kids and adults were engaged and entertained. There was Mister Maker, his helper and of course the shapes made an appearance. A show you could see more than once, so all you parents of little ones get tickets and go. Its a fun high energy show that gets everyone up dancing. The show is at Hammer Hall, Arts centre Melbourne, a great theatre with lots of space. Parents are allowed to take photos during the show and get encouraged to do so throughout the show. You just can’t film as they film throughout the show for there dvds and to put up on a big screen during the show. They especially do this when everyone is up dancing so you can see yourself. Which of course all parents were totally thrilled about seeing them selves on a big screen dancing, hehehehe. However in the spirit of things it was good. A show I know my kids would love to see again.

Mister Maker Live 2015

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