Love Locks Bridge

On Monday all over the news was the decision of the Love Lock Bridge Melbourne having all the locks cut. So on Tuesday I went to the city to photograph in the rain the Southgate footbridge to capture what I understand is now a piece of history. I was going to write this piece as a small protest/awareness piece as it look great with such an overwhelming sense of love. I understand there was problems arising due to the locks but was hoping there was some sort of compromise that the mayor, the council and Melbourne public could come up with. As I am now informed that thousands of locks have been cut and removed from the bridge already. In saying that I am glad I was able to photograph part of this global phenomenon. I am just hoping that there is some other way the Melbourne public can have a public display of love for the world to see. It is sad that it has come to this with so much hatred in the world this was a symbol of love and for many people their way of showing that. So below is the link to the album of pics I took of what is now gone…………..

Love Locks Bridge Melbourne 19/5/15

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