Kiss (Melbourne)

The ultimate dream for many years is to go and see Kiss live in concert. So when it was announced that they were touring and coming down under was part of their tour, I was one excited fan. For many years I had tried to go to many of there Melbourne concerts but to no avail. Something would always happen and we wouldn’t have the money. This year was actually no exception as we are moving house and have 2 kids with special needs. The odds this year were stacked higher than every other year. However with persistence, timing and organising up the wazoo. My husband and I made it to our first concert that wasn’t either child friendly or had wiggly fingers. We were there early enough to see the cover bad which was The Dead Daisies. They were loud, good but load. Some of their song lyrics  you couldn’t hear over the guitars and drums but still worth seeing and not a bad way to kick the evening off. So when it was time for Kiss to start I have never seen the Rod Lava Arena fill up so quickly. Then they came on stage and the rest was magnificent, from their traditional costumes and make up, to the pyro techniques and lighting, to their music. It was hot, damn hot. We were not quite half way down the Arena from them and we could feel the heat off the flame throwers that were behind them on stage, so I could only imagine what it was like for them.

It was very iconic Kiss with front man Gene Simmons doing his spitting of the blood and poking his long tongue out. Paul Stanley running most of the evening and flying through the air on an apparatus, while wearing 70’s platform shoes. The band currently consists of Gene Simmons on Bass Guitar, Paul Stanley on Rhythm Guitar, Tommy Thayer on lead guitar and Eric Singer on Drums. They did not disappoint they know and still have what it takes after all these years to entertain a crowd. Definitely a band I would see again if given the opportunity and I know so will my husband. He didn’t mind kiss music but wasn’t the fan I am. Until he saw them live it changed everything for him. As he said he is a Kiss convert and now part of the Kiss Army. Glad to see my music influence is rubbed off on him.

Kiss 9/10/15

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