In the Studio

In the studio there is nothing quite like it. when I say in the studio this time I actually mean the jewellery studio. Well actually my makeshift studio at my kitchen table. Like so many artists we can’t always have a space set aside to do our artistic work and in my case I can have a space in my garage but the chances of being able to work out there aren’t always going to be in my favour. So the tools make their way inside to my dining table. However it means I still get to work and produce jewellery items to be proud of. Lets face it any chance to sit and play with silver my favourite metal in the world is going to be a good day for me. I am currently working on a pendant and 2 rings. One ring and pendant will a set that either be bought separately or kept together and the other ring is going to be the same as the other one just for me to keep. You know as I don’t have enough jewellery right? the beauty about being able to make my own is if I can’t find what I want I will still get what I want when I have finished it. Cant see it yet? don’t worry you will when they are done.

IMG_0915 IMG_0909 IMG_0907 IMG_0904

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