Hi 5

Hi 5 was at Westfield Fountain Gate today 20/5/15 for a free performance. So off I went with my almost 3 year old who hasn’t really embraced them the way he has The Wiggles, but he although shy during the performance still liked it. We were there early enough so we were able to gain a free pass for meet and greet with them after the performance. It was a little miss leading as all the advertising said they would be there for an hour however the performance was a couple of songs and rest of time doing photos. Some kids missed out on photos and were devastated at the lack seeing Hi 5 perform and passes for photo’s. We got the photo done with the photographer and of course he doesn’t want dad he wants mum and to try and curl up in a ball and hide. However it was interesting to see this new group as they are all different to the ones that were in Hi 5 when my 7 year old liked them. They still have their same catchy songs and are currently doing promotion for their up and coming tour across Australia next school holidays.

Hi 5 (20/5/15)


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