HDR Photography

Flowers3 4C4A25861 4C4A34281 RibHDR Photography are scary words for photographers that are just starting out and rightfully so. After all I know when I first looked at the words I had no idea what HDR photography was or what the HDR stood for. HDR means High Dynamic Range. Basically this type of photography is where you takes a series of images, every image with a different exposure ranging from darkest to lightest. HDR is the best parts of the three being overexposed, underexposed, and balanced photos.  Doing this creates dramatic images with intense shadowing and highlights. You can do this technique with most cameras. Just how much you can do depends on your camera. I know with my camera I can choose 1,2 or 3 elevations and weather to do it manually to merge them afterwards or have my camera merge them. I use the manual merge option that way I can intensify or change any of the settings I want depending on what look I am after. By doing it this way and merging in photoshop later I have more options and control of the final image. HDR photography can dramatically change the final image and elevate it from an ok image to something amazing. There needs to be more HDR images in this world, for the purpose of this and showing exactly what I mean in differences I have added an image and then the HDR Version so you can see first hand what I am talking about. Granted its not for everyone but they techniques have there merits.


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