Giggle and Hoot and Friends Concert

A fantastic concert for the kids of all ages, my two aged 7 and 2.5yrs both loved it. It was 50 minutes long with Giggle and Hoots friends being the Bananas in Pyjamas and the Hoopla Doopla. The children were entertained the entire time.

However as a mother and photographer I was disappointed with the fact there was no opportunity at all to have photographs of the concert. No photographs or video allowed during performance, flash photography or not and the ones that did take photographs were spoken to by the ushers and security. I understand no flash photography but nothing at all is a little harsh. They also didn’t have a meet and greet opportunity for photo’s after the concert. There was no programme of the concert or photo’s available to buy from the souvenir shop either. One would think it was a complete media blackout.

Such strict guidelines for a children’s concert leaving many parents with the question of why?

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