Editing, Editing, Editing

I think my eyes are going funny, as I have spent 3 days editing 300 photos from a 1.5 hour photo shoot on Easter Saturday morning. Now to sort out the best of Shoot. They say the more photos you take the better and over all yes it gives you a chance to have enough options to choose from. You aren’t always going to get the right shot you are after so the more photo’s you take the better chance you have of getting it. You can take to many photos though, sometimes getting that right shot means changing things, location, angle and sometimes even day. everything has to come together and work to get that right shot, but keep at it and practising you never know sometimes you get that shot by accident. It is all about that alluring perfect shot. On this I say why that one perfect shot what a serious of shots that on their own are great but together they make magic. I guess it depend on what you are after and who and what the photo shoot is actually for. Just keep that in mind sometimes its not that one perfect shot that turns out to be what you are after.

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