‘Drumstruck’ (7/5/15)

“Drumstruck” what an amazing interactive show for all ages, Inside the theatre waiting for patrons is a drum on their seat for you to play along with the cast on stage. You would like to think that you wouldn’t be doing much then you’d be wrong. The entire audience is involved for nearly the whole show. I know my husband and I loved and so did my 2 kids. I thought the 2.5year old would have issues and get scared but no he was the one who I think enjoyed it the most. We also took nana, poor nana didn’t know what to expect and was a little scared, lets just say nana had the time of her life.

It is a must see for everyone, I highly recommend it for all ages. Was a little disappointed that we could take photos during the  performance but in saying that you are so busy drumming that there isn’t a lot of time for that anyway. However the cast did come out to the shop at the end of the show to take photos, say hi and do autographs. They more than make up for not being able to take photos during the show.

Drumstruck 7/5/15

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