Depth of Field

Depth of field sounds so technical but honestly it’s not, basically it comes down to what’s in focus and what’s out of focus in your photograph. It refers to the foreground and background of your image and which one is sharp and which is blurry. There is 2 types of depth of field, 1)Shallow Depth of field and 2)Deep depth of field. 

Shallow depth of field is where the foreground of your image is in sharp focus and the background is blurry. This is achieved by having a large aperture and a small f-number. Deep depth of field is where the background is in focus and the foreground is blurry. This is achieved by having a small aperture and a large f-number. Basically the fields are the opposite of each other, allowing you to focus in on what you want and have some amazing effects in your photographs.

                                                   Shallow Depth of field                                      


                                                     Deep Depth of field        


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