Contemporary Artists Showcase

After having my solo exhibition i applied for the 4th annual Contemporary Artist Showcase through the City of Casey Council to be held at Cranbourne Library. This years theme is “Self”, which was more challenging of a theme from a photographers perspective than you think. Sure it sounds easy take photo’s of yourself but depending on what you photograph it then makes the choice of how sellable it is. For me, the biggest part of me and what i do is my kids however i didnt want to photograph them as there photographs would not be for sale. From that perspective i was looking at the piece i wanted to do from a business angle. Anyway i photographed some animals and titled it inner self. I did this becuase so many people talk about there inner animal of some kind that came out when then they were doing a particular activity. After a few weeks wait i recived an email of exceptance as my piece has beenchosen to be a part of the showcase.  Self Exhibition details are as follows:                                                                                     Cranbourne Library, from the 31st of August – 1st of October, 2016.

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