Car Show and Shine

Fast cars that purr like kittens and shine in the sun. Stunning display of old and new with something for everyone to look at. Gold coin donation to enter and see cars that are truly magnificent. It was fantastic to see so many people there young and old, male or female. If another comes locally I will absolutely be in attendance. For me there was a few stand out cars and they are one the purple Ford Hot Rod with silver spider webs on the side and two the red Plymouth Fury (Christine look alike). These being because the Hot Rod was purple, had spider webs which I love and overall had a gothic feel to it. Two the Plymouth because it is a Christine look like which is the novel by Stephen King and he is my all time favourite author. So naturally any chance I am going to get up close and personal with something I love I am going to. Even if it just a replica, sometimes we need to take what we can get. Don’t get me wrong all the cars were gorgeous there was just a few that stole my heart. If you don’t believe me look through the album yourself.


Car Show and Shine 20/9/15

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