Being an artist

Being an artist is a blessing and a curse all that same time. Having talent and knowing how to use it is a powerful asset. I love being an artist but it’s hard to keep on top of work. You never know when you are going to get idea’s, where they are going to come from and if your able to do something about it. The one thing I struggle with the most is choosing one medium. I am a mixed medium artist as I like doing art in many forms these being, jewellery, photography, painting, paper art, design, crochet / knitting, drawing and sewing. I like to do mix mediums in single art works, along with single mediums. That’s the question isn’t it do you choose one type of art and do that forever in the hope that its enough. Well no be like me, you don’t have to stick to one medium, you can learn how to do more than one art form. As an artist you need to expand on your art and keep pushing the boundries  and if that means using different mediums and doing different art forms then do so.

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