AMC-Australian Movie and Comic Expo

This was quite the treat for comic fans who attend conventions. I say this as we were there on the Saturday and got there early thinking, like all comic cons it would be busy, with a long wait in cues. We were surprised, it didn’t seem that busy and there was room to move in the crowd. It was fantastic having an event and not waiting for hours on end to get in anywhere. They did have some big ticket stars like Lou Diamond Phillips, Sean Maher and Rick Cosnett. We were there especially for Lou Diamond Phillips as I am a huge fan. There was an abundance of costumes, smiles and friendly faces new and old. It was held at the Melbourne Show Grounds which means plenty of space. There was also the cos play competition which like always did not disappoint. If you are looking for a comic con that gives you everything the bigger ones do and a little less crowds to ease your way in to attending cons then this is the one for you.

Australian Movie and Comic Expo 17-18/10/15

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