Always the photographer 

Quite often there is opportunities missed for photos because of not having my camera with me at all times. Or the things unfolding in front of me that I want to capture are just too quick. There isn’t always enough time to set up my camera the way it needs to be for the shot. In this instance I find having my phone a  faster easier way of capturing what I am after. Yes, yes I hear you say but that’s your phone which isn’t as good as the camera equipment I have and to they I say camera phones have come along way and you can produce some amazing quality photos these days if you know what you are doing and how to do it. There are certain capabilities that the phone has that the camera just doesn’t. This I found to be more true while out at Pink Lake Dimboola trying to capture something great. With using the camera I couldn’t get the Lake to look pink, as it was an overcast day the lake wasn’t being portrayed the way it should have been. However I got I better quality, as far as colour is concerned anyway, image on my iPhone than what I could get on my canon mark 3. I am not saying this works all the time but it is defiantly a handing little addition in my arsenal of equipment for trying to forever chase the perfect image.  
These images were taken on the iPhone 6s + and have turned out well with no editing.

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