2016 – An epic year

2016 what an epic year for me professionally and personally. Some things some of you may know and some things a lot of you may not know. To say it was an epic year means i must be honest and set the record straight on a few things and squish the rumors about what i have or may have done over the course 2016. They say each new year means starting fresh with a new page so here goes i will start with the professional. Things that i did in my professional life are, i had a solo exhibition and i had a piece in a artist showcase. I was studying most of last and i don’t mean the courses i did for communicating with my little one. I did an Art Therapy Diploma which was for a duel purpose of me being able to help my kids and lets face it looks good on the resume when you an artist. That’s not all i studied, the really big thing for the year is that from start to finish from  January to October completed my BA of Art – Photography degree. So yes you read that right i have 2 Bachelor degrees.                                                                                                                                           I am also a member of an online photography community called Viewbug. Where you upload your images for people to see and you can enter competition and challenges set by other community members. Last year i was lucky enough to have an image featured which means a lot of exposure and a right about that image done by you. This was a privilege as a lot of people don’t get to do that. I am extremely lucky and had the same image featured 3 times in one year. The image in question is this one,


Along with this i have also had my page featured on the members page which basically highlights who you are and your images and puts you at the fore front for members to see. So yes quite a big year.                                                                                                                                  Just as big as my professional year is my personal life. As a lot of you already know my youngest son Shane is Non Verbal Autistic which comes with huge challenges for him and us as a family, so yes i have been doing different therapy courses and programs to help him in communication and day to day living and learning. Doing the courses myself has meant being able to spend less time in therapist offices as i can do some at home and they can do the other things i can not. It is a win win situation as it is cheaper for me to do the course and we can do those parts of his therapy around day to day living. We have come along way as he can now say 6 words and yes he is 4.5 yrs old. The 2 words he has had for a couple of years now is No and Help. But what we got for the first time in 2016 was Mum, Dad, Hi and Yeah.                                                                                                                                         We did 2 interstate road trips as a family, first we went to Sydney and hung with the likes of Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle from Twilight and the second we went to Adelaide and hung with the likes of Nathan Fillion aka Castle from the hit TV show Castle. Both of which made my heart skip a beat for very different reasons and i mean for other things than both men being gorgeous human beings. Peter because he told me i was beautiful and Nathan because his favorite Stephen king book growing up to read and still to this day is IT which is and always has been my favorite as well.                                                                                               There have been 2 enormous changes in house this year and the first one is i got my license and a car so yes i am driving and have been for a while now, so quick peoples that didn’t know you better stay off the road, hehe.                                                                                       Another huge change in our house is the fact that Peter has changed from afternoon shift to day shift. This is big change for us as he has done nights and afternoon shift for about 15 years. Our kids have never had dad home at night for dinner during the week unless he has been on holidays. We now get to sit as family every night and have dinner together all four of us, which is just as big adjustment for him as it is the kids and I. Its taking a little bit to get used to the new routine because as soon as he changed shifts we moved house 10 days out from Christmas, which then of course Christmas happened and so did New Years. A whirl wind of a time that will settle down and allow us to breath a little.                                  So that just about sums up our year with w few extra little things along the way but as this post is already longer than intended i will leave it there with the big things and say 2016 has been an epic year bring on 2017 and who knows what the future may hold professionally and personally. Happy New Year!

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